PhD students:

Ms Binh Tran (co-supervised by A/Prof Tim Cavagnaro)

Project: The effect of arbuscular mycorrhizas on the growth and nutrition of important food crops.

Mr Matthias Salomon (co-supervised by A/Prof Tim Cavagnaro and Prof Mike McLaughlin)

Project: The role of mycorrhizas in urban agriculture systems.

Ms Cuc Tran (co-supervised by A/Prof Tim Cavagnaro and Dr Ron Smernik)

Project: The impact of arbuscular mycorrhizas on nitrogen and phosphorus cycling and leaching in soil.

Ms Hue Ngo (co-supervised by A/Prof Tim Cavganaro)

Project: Optimising phosphate supply to plant by adding mixture of organic and inorganic P sources, and the effect on mycorrhizal colonisation.


Binh (left) and Matthias (right) harvesting plants in the lab

Field shot

Hue, Matthias and Cuc collecting soil in regional South Australia

Honours students:

Ms Emma Peters (starting 2020)


Masters of Biotechnology (Plant Biotechnology) students (2018):

Ms Diem Nguyen

Project: The interaction between soil Zn, P, and mycorrhizal inoculation on Medicago truncatula nutrition and gene expression.

Mr Ahmed Al-Mutairi

Project: How do different barley cultivars varying in zinc deficiency tolerance respond to mycorrhizal inoculation?


Diem and Ahmed preparing seeds in the lab